Careers in Event Management

Careers in the event management industry: Working in event management industry can be very hectic, but at the same time, very rewarding. There are many career opportunities in the industry, and work is generally available in small and large cities around the world. Most event management focuses on concerts, parades, parties, conventions, and special events. You can work for corporations, governments, non-profits or for yourself!

Most of the planning work for events is done prior to the event; however, event planners are required to be on site during the event, to make certain everything goes smoothly.

Most positions are full time; however, some may be contract positions. Occasionally, positions are strictly for a particular event. Generally, companies look for a college educated individual to fill the position.

Depending on your role, experience and city you choose to work in, the event management industry can be very lucrative. The positions listed above generally offer bonuses in addition to the salary range shown.