Event Managers

Event managers combine organizational and communications skills and manage all the complex details of a special event from planning to budgeting to evaluating afterward.

The planner may research and recommend themes for the event; outline the many facets of an event; locate the proper venue; arrange for food and beverages; send invitations; provide transportation and accommodations; coordinate event staff; oversee the event budget; supervise the event itself; and conduct a post-event evaluation.

Some event planners specialize in one area such as weddings, while others will tackle almost any assignment. A high number of event planners started by doing one aspect of event planning (such as catering), then expanded to eventually handle all aspects of the event.

How to become an Event Manager

Excellent analytical and organizational skills are important to the event planner. The planner coordinates all the details to help the event run smoothly and meet its objectives. Creative problem-solving skills are helpful, as is a sense of logistics.

Communication skills are also essential for the event planner. He must be able to comprehend the host’s objectives. He must be able to interpolate those objectives seamlessly into the event itself. He must be able to motivate staff and promote the event.

People skills are essential. The event planner will be dealing with all ages and all socio-economic groups, and may even need to acquire some cross-cultural skills.

A high energy level is helpful, along with a can-do attitude. While starting an event planning service doesn’t require a degree, business education and experience is helpful.

There are a number of educational opportunities, and qualified event planning professionals may become a CMP (Certified Meeting Planner) or a CSEP (Certified Special Events Planner).

The field of event planning is currently is high growth field offering plenty of opportunities. A business event planner may plan parties, festivals, grand openings, fundraisers, new product launches, meetings, company socials, trade shows, conferences, and conventions.

The average base salary for an event planner runs from $46,000 to $64,000per year. Add in benefits and bonuses and the salary averages about $78,000 per year. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the event planning field will grow about 20% per year over the next five years.

Event planning is an interesting and challenging field. No two events are exactly alike, and the event planner meets all sorts of interesting people.