Event Management of Birthday Parties

Event management of birthday parties, events and celebrations. Learn how to organize birthday events by yourself or what professional event managers can do to assure a successful party. Details about all planning steps and potential mistakes.

Birthday events recognize the milestones in a person’s life. These festivities can be casual or formal. They may be intimate, with just a few close friends and family; or they can be grand events. There are two basic types of birthday parties: children’s and adults’, and each present its own set of challenges.

Birthday Parties for Children

Children parties are often Themed, which aids in putting together a coordinated look. For example a

circus themed party may include colorful décor, brightly colored tableware, circus themed games, foods and party favors, and entertainment by a local clown. While a cowboy theme birthday party may feature cowboy hats, barbecue, and pony rides. Children’s parties also often include party favors such as balloons or small toys.

Birthday Parties for Adults

While adult parties may or may not have a theme such as luau or fiesta, the Planning Process is similar, and just as important.

The date is usually on or near the birthday. Location may depend on the type of party and number of guests expected. Party décor may include Flowers, Streamers, posters, Decorative Lighting, or theme items. Tableware is usually chosen in coordinating colors which reinforce the theme or tone of the party. Food can consist or refreshments or a meal, again depending upon the type of party, party theme and budget. The location of the party may limit available options for Food and Refreshments: many church and community venues prohibit alcoholic beverages; some commercial venues require that food be catered by them.

Entertainment can consist of games, activities, or performances. By knowing in advance what games will be played, preparations can be made for both game supplies and prizes. Activities such as pony rides or a sing-along can provide a fun way for guests to participate. Performances can entertain either adults or children: independent performers are available for anything from a magic show to a tasteful musical performance.

There are many details to coordinate to host an unforgettable birthday party. By using a professional event planner the host/hostess can devote more attention to the guest of honor, help attend to the guests, and enjoy the festivities.