Event Management for Family Events

Family events are fun and enjoyable to participate in. But they offer a number of challenges in the planning. The host of the event will usually select the date, and have some ideas about preferred locations. The host’s home isn’t usually a good choice due to parking constraints, so another location may be preferable.

Before Choosing a Location, determine the scope of the event and estimate who will be attending. If there will be a large number of children, choosing a location with an adjacent playground may eliminate the need for planning ways to entertain the children. On the other hand, disabled family members may require facilities

to be accessible. Facilities costs and amenities may widely vary, and some public facilities may require reservations up to a year in advance.

Food, Invitations and more

Food may be provided by the host, Outside Caterer, or the caterer affiliated with the facility where the event is to be held. The menu can consist of simple refreshments or a meal. There may not be a lot of Decorations; there may, instead, be souvenirs such as t-shirts, memory books, or cups printed with family Photographs.

The family may want to have games or entertainment. Games can range from quiet table games to family sports competitions that can include everything from three-legged races to softball games. And entertainment may be impromptu skits or a sing along with a talented family member providing the music.

Invitations are usually prepared and sent by the host. Double check about a week before the event to make sure it’s been done.

Many family events are held Outdoors. Be prepared with a contingency plan for bad weather. Will you choose an alternate “rain date”? Or erect canopies to give shelter to guests? In extreme heat, some foods may spoil, and cold drinks will require extra ice.

Family events can be a memorable, fun occasion. But sometimes the details don’t come together, and they turn into a nightmare. The host doesn’t have time to visit with guests, because he’s busy scrambling to attend to the latest crisis. A professional event planner can attend to the details, leaving you to enjoy the party.