Planning of Golf Events

Planning of Golf Events: Golf has evolved from an exclusive gentleman’s game into an affordable public pastime. It is available to any man-jack who can purchase a cheap set of clubs and a few balls which he is guaranteed to lose in a few days. Because golf is such a popular trend, an educated event manager needs to understand how to manage golf tournaments and retreats.

Tournament objectives should be established early on. Is the event a fundraiser or an exhibition? Sports, business, or personal related? Golfer caliber is important, as this will decide golfer handicap, course choice, and market approach. Probable celebrities and crowd size also affect

course selection.

Once the tournament type is decided, a course must be selected and carefully inspected. This entail its own set of conditions, including course rental, general insurance, Hole-In-One insurance (recommended), crowd regulations, etc.

Sponsors should be invited to subsidize the event. As much a cult sport as golf is, eager sponsors will seize advertising opportunities. Advertising works wonders – promotional gifts can be emblazoned with company imprimaturs, for example.

Thank the golfing gods for their devoted following – not only will sponsors abound, but volunteers should come running as well. Use volunteers to clean and maintain the site, handle registration, set up concessions and portable bathrooms, etc.

“The more the merrier” – with this mantra in mind, market, market, market! Golf magazines, shops and clubs can be used to distribute advertisements. If the purpose of the event is a fundraiser, this is the key factor in the event’s success.

Although golf is not renowned for wild, unruly mobs, crowd management and security is a preeminent concern. A crowd control force and medical services, equipped with two-way radios, should be stationed around the course and at entrance/exits.

While awarding green jackets may be slightly over-the-top, giving away scenic personal photographs is quite suitable. A professional photographer is a sure-fire ticket to freeze memorable moments on paper and present them to their respective winners – maybe surrounded by a walnut frame with a sponsor’s logo engraved?

Every golf tournament needs its own Orson Welles. A talented, knowledgeable emcee adds some spice and expertise to the day’s events. Hire one.

Last, but certainly not least, no golf tournament is complete with golf equipment. Rent clubs, bags, tees, balls, gloves, visors, and other assorted necessities. If possible, insure the equipment.

And after all that work – find a five-iron and hit some hooks.