Event Management of Incentive Events

Event management of incentive events: Oftentimes, managers cocoon themselves in a business dream world. They believe in inherent employee competition and rely on the consumer rational evaluation. In reality, employees are frequently weary and worn down, and slog onwards for a bi-monthly pay check; and customers almost always buy based on emotion and brand loyalty. The solution: incentive events.

An incentive event is an interactive, engaging method of inspiring employee morale and consumer interest. Reminiscent of the religious Great Awakenings of American history, these stimulating revivals incite their audiences to evangelize new customers through telemarketing and the like. Successful incentive events are statistically linked to increased sales motivation,

greater profit margins, customer loyalty, and new products and services. Properly used, they are an effective tool for renewing loyalty, provoking imagination, and stimulating success. A successful event manager captures and amplifies these attributes.

Although the actual event should be relatively short (1-2 hours), 12-18 months are needed for proper planning. When starting preparation, answer two questions: What is the reason for the incentive event? And what should the theme be? Defining the reason for the activity (loss of morale, new product launch, or customer loyalty) directs the rest of the event; and a winsome theme engages attendees.

Religiously abide by the three E’s of event management: entertainment, excitement, and enterprise. Focus on the first two. Bands, hypnotists, DJs, comedians, or other performing acts are critical tools in setting the mood. Motivational speakers should be carefully selected and reviewed. Create a lighthearted, excited atmosphere.

But not all presentation should be hype. To stimulate long-term motivation, a keynote business executive needs to appear and lay down the hard facts of success and present a plan of achievement. Prepare and test audiovisual equipment (e.g. soundboard, PowerPoint, mikes, etc.) to ensure a seamless speech. The speaker should also present employee recognition awards. Without these gilded wooden examples of success (order the plaques early with names engraved), employees may regard the event as propaganda more than a legitimate impetus.

What’s a party without food? Arrange for a full gastronomic smorgasbord of refreshing treats, snacks, delicacies and beverages. Most importantly, do not run out.

Ask for RSVPs and set up a registration desk at the event’s entrance, where employees can quickly sign in and receive name tags. Using the RSVP and registration rosters, follow up the festival by emailing each employee and sincerely inquiring about their experience and any suggestions they may have. Fan the flames of motivation - without follow up, the event was nothing more than a subsidized business party masquerading as an incentive event.