Event Management of Wedding Anniversaries

Wedding anniversary events celebrate important milestones in a couple’s life together, and provide an opportunity for friends and relatives to join in celebrating that milestone. While most anniversary events occur at milestone intervals such as 10 years, 25 years, or 50 years, any anniversary can be a celebration.

For many couples, the anniversary celebration includes a renewal of vows. This may be quite similar to an actual Wedding, with all the same detailed facets to coordinate Flowers, Décor, Music, and Photography, as well as details of the reception.

Almost all wedding anniversary events include a reception. They are commonly held in an “open house” format

where guests come and go during the specified time frame usually a weekend mid-afternoon. A small event may be located at the couple’s home; if many guests are expected, another Venue may be chosen, such as a church fellowship hall, community center, or commercial venue, such as a Hotel.

Once again, Refreshments and Food are a central aspect of the festivities. Food may be provided by the family, friends, an outside caterer, or the catering staff of the venue.

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The menu usually consists of light refreshments, such as cake and punch, but may also include nuts, mints, coffee, and even light sandwiches or deli trays of finger foods.

Décor can include flowers, paper streamers, and table decorations. Traditions for 25th anniversaries often feature a silver color theme, while 50th anniversaries are gold.

Photo displays or slideshows add an interesting dimension to the celebration. Slide shows can be easily created with uploaded photographs and then enhanced with the addition of favorite music and slide transition effects. The slideshow can either be projected onto a screen or displayed on a large screen TV, and can be set so that the show progresses automatically once started.

Guests may be Invited privately, by formal invitation or phone call, or publicly, as with a notice published in the local newspaper. With both public invitations and especially church locations, there may be party crashers looking for free food.

A professional event planner can coordinate all the many details and help in overcoming any obstacles to making the anniversary celebration another successful milestone in a couple’s life together.