Every event will certainly have an individual or two that requires special accommodations. This can be in the form of specially-prepared foods for those with dietary restrictions to making room for wheelchairs and walkers. Accommodating guide dogs, providing seating for special assistants, assuring the service of milk-less, peanut-less, or MSG-less foods to those with allergies that can cause life-threatening health problems all fall within the realm of accommodations.

If the selected venue is located in a multi-story building, access for the wheelchair bound, the infirmed, or the morbidly obese necessitates access to elevators to deliver guests to the event destination. Additionally, seating at banquet tables becomes quite crowded if inadequate space is not given to allow for

wheelchairs to take a place at the table.

The occasional guest dealing with excessive weight might need the accommodation of a larger, stronger chair. A blind individual might require a space under the table during a meal to allow for a guide dog to curl up, away from the intruding feet of other guests. The Vegetarian will appreciate the offering of meatless dishes, and those involved in weight-loss programs or other menu restrictions will be more inclined to attend if food choices present favorable options.

Additionally, restroom doors should be roomy enough to allow access by wheelchair, as well as providing at least one stall large enough to accommodate the wheelchair-bound and those with walkers. Those guests with visual or hearing impairments might be better served by seating placement closer to audio speakers or the event stage to enhance their experience.

Accommodation of guest limitations is best served prior to the event, by means of a query written into invitations regarding special guest needs. Typically, the option of menu choices to meet the needs of the Vegan or those with food allergies will help facilitate preparations, which will ease the uncomfortable circumstances associated with such needs, and prepare the way for all guests to enjoy the event in it’s entirety.