Bands provide entertainment to your event guests. Accommodating the needs of a band requires space for a stage, sound and lighting, as well as time for the band to set up and tear down equipment before and after the event. Bands generally perform specific music in accordance with their personal interests and talents, so choose a band that performs music suitable for the event occasion.

A band brings with them a sense of celebrity, and for a special event, a well-known band can provide quite a boost to promotion and advertising simply by recognition and the fan base their presence will attract. Cover bands, or those local musicians

not necessarily known for cutting recording deals or enjoying wide celebrity, are also a popular choice when danceable music that stretches across a wide variety of ages and musical genres is desired.

A celebrity band anticipates treatment in accordance with their celebrity, demanding thousands of dollars to perform. These typically bring with them stage hands to attend to the many details of setup and tear down, arriving in extravagant motor home busses accompanied by large trucks filled to the brim with lighting, special effects equipment, booms, microphones, speaker stacks and soundboards. Such a band requires vast amounts of electricity to power the specialized equipment that produces their signature sound, and may require additional spaces for dressing rooms, pre-concert gathering, and post-concert after-parties.

The cover band is an altogether different animal, with band members generally toting in the equipment for a gig themselves, setting up just prior to their performance, and personally involved in the break-down when their engagement concludes. The cover band also charges much less, making them a preferred alternative to a DJ for more formal events.

Expect to book a well-known band months in advance, for tight schedules and extensive travel are the bane of the celebrity band. A cover band, however, may be obtained on relatively short notice. Always have in place an alternative backup plan when engaging entertainers for an important event, in case the band cannot fulfill the contract set forth between event sponsors and musicians.