Event Equipment

Equipment to make your event a success. The need for special equipment to pull off a successful event may be as diverse as the event itself. From special lifts to hang decorations from a high ceiling, to hand trucks for transporting tables, chairs, and other supplies to areas within the event, careful consideration must be given to ascertain what equipment may be necessary.

For those portions of the event to be captured on film, audio-video equipment can be as simple as a portable hand-held camcorder, or as high-tech as a full studio television camera, replete with audio grip and camera technician. Events featuring a beer garden will necessarily

require the acquisition of beer kegs and taps, and bar areas might require soda canisters and dispensers.

Events highlighted by dangerous performances usually require the presence of medical personnel and a ready ambulance, while fireworks should be backed up with a fire truck and crew. Children might be engaged at an event by pony rides or amusements, or adults equally tempted to ride high in a helicopter or balloon.

Other equipment to have on hand might be a ready battery of fire extinguishers, and walkie-talkies for event security or key personnel. Extension cords to run electricity to remote vendors and measures to contain cords and hoses to prevent falls are possibly in order.

Remote video monitors to survey key areas of concern could prove helpful at security stations; lockboxes or safes could lend a sense of security to money stations. Flashlights could prove invaluable for personnel traveling through stretches of dark spaces when events are held at night out-of-doors, and are certainly needed for personnel, parking cars in open fields at night.

The reservation of portable toilets to accommodate very large crowds or the rental of office trailers for event administration might prove necessary. Power tools for the construction of stages and platforms, trailers for the construction of parade floats, golf carts for covering large event spaces, and even water coolers to prevent dehydration all fall within the realm of extra equipment needed to make an event a safe and memorable one.