Floor Plan

When moving a lot of people through an event, knowledge of the venue floor space is crucial to proper planning. When a large number of guests require table accommodations for dining, attending classroom lectures, or perusing multiple vendors on display, floor space is taken up by furnishings, requiring adequate traffic zones to accommodate guests moving throughout the selections.

Location of electrical outlets, essential for lighting, computers, sound equipment and running vendor refrigerators will determine the location of display booths, ticket counters, and food carts. Stages require a lot of room, as do dance floors and areas determined for lecture seating. Product display booths may be joined together by

means of backdrop curtain units used to define display spaces, and the widespread use of computers requires access to Internet capabilities.

Event guests themselves require space. The venue must comply with local codes, which establishes the number of bodies that can safely fill the venue, while making room for all the accompanying accoutrements that make the event a success. Live bands require space for the setup of instruments, the placing of speakers, and the positioning of related sound equipment, electrically driven. Furthermore, caterers will require food preparation areas, places to store needful plates, silverware and glassware, and areas for servers to congregate. Not to be overlooked are the facilities for after-meal plates to be washed, and garbage to be gathered for disposal.

Bar service areas necessitate storage for ice, space for guests to place their orders, and facilities to store liquors, mixes, glasses and garnishments. Display props also take up valuable floor footage, such as signage easels, urns and large floral displays. Placement of information booths and security stations, storage for gifts and give-aways, set-ups for concert back-stage areas and spaces to contain a queue of devoted fans for celebrity autographs are but a few of the many uses of floor space a floor plan helps to plan and define.