Food is a component of successful business and private events. The event theme plays an important role in helping to determine the menu to be presented at the event. While chicken cordon bleu may satisfy guests attending a semi-formal affair, the same dish presented amid tuxedo–clad gentlemen and women dripping with diamonds simply doesn’t work.

Likewise, an event centered on a tropical theme seems amiss with chicken cordon bleu gracing guests’ plates, where there should be lobster, prawns, fish, steamed mussels and fresh tropical fruits.

The cost of such meals plays an important role in the selection of food for the event. It is proven easier to offer a

more selective, pricier meal when tickets are purchased by event guests prior to the event, that caterers may prepare the food in accordance with guests’ selections. Events whose meals are an included part of the event are often less costly when choosing from the caterer’s established menu offerings, than when the caterer must meet unfamiliar menu selections demanded by the event planning committee.

Food has a natural place amid the bustle and excitement of events honoring achievements, celebrating anniversaries, or kick-starting a new business. Food also brings together event goers in a more relaxed atmosphere conducive to conversation, establishing broader social networks, or reuniting old friends. The offer of a meal is a necessity for events that center on industry training, where long hours of classroom lectures and immobility tend to make guests sleepy. Food refreshes the mind, cheers the soul, and makes a long afternoon easier to tackle, with a forward anticipation of evening socializing and camaraderie with newly developed friends.

At less-formal affairs, such as company picnics held in the open air, a barbeque is a natural choice. Likewise, the event which has as it’s goal to present a number of industry-related products and services is very well served by the offering of a diversity of vended foods. The use of food vendors allows event guests to pay for their own meals in accordance with their appetites and their budgets. Vendors also offer the benefit of additional income for offsetting the costs of the event itself, typically requiring a deposit to reserve a space at the event well in advance, and contractually providing a portion of their profits to be paid to event sponsors.