The need for furniture is often the farthest thing from one’s mind when planning for an event, yet plays an important part in assuring the event will proceed with the greatest comfort for event guests. Furniture necessary for an event will be dependent upon the event itself. Seating for dining, counters for bar services, tables for booths, backdrops for display spaces and desks for ticket agents are just a few of an event’s furnishing needs.

It is necessary to determine what furnishings will be required for the event, what the selected event venue will supply, and what must be rented from outside sources. Also to be considered is

the manpower needed to set up seating and banquet tables for hundreds of guests, who will provide serving carts, bar counters, display backdrops and booth tables. For a very large event, the need for necessary furnishings can be enormous; requiring careful pre-planning to assure the event is not marred by inadequate furnishings.

Many venues provide furniture for seating the established number of occupants their building may legally allow, or they may only include a limited number of seats or tables, and leave the remainder to be rented from an outside source. It is imperative to discuss options for seating, tables, and for meeting the needs of bar and table services prior to selecting the venue itself, for such things often play an important role in venue selection.

Also to be ascertained is the manpower needed to deliver, set up and tear down the furniture for return to rental sources. Many furniture rental companies will avail event sponsors the people to deliver, set up and tear down their furnishings for an event, while others deal simply with furniture rental. Consideration should likewise be given to the costs for hired manpower, delivery trucks, and deposits that may be required when selecting a furniture rental company.

Special furniture, such as operator chairs for a salon show, plush chairs to accommodate special guests of honor, or stage furnishings for plays or skits may be borrowed for the event. These might be found from pieces already owned by members of the event committee, the furniture stock of a friendly business, or even found at a second-hand store. Simply ask for furnishings to meet the need and appearance desired and make sure to clarify the function for which they will be used.