Gift-giving has grown in popularity as the means to promote an event, to sell tickets, to increase attendance, or to award attendees. It is not uncommon for gifts to be presented as the centerpiece of company holiday parties, and has become a popular way for businesses to promote products by supplying tax-deductible gift packages to celebrities or other spotlight personalities attending special events.

The giving of gifts can be made an integral part of the event itself. Gift-giving is a method for honoring accomplishments, serving as a thank-you, given as favors commemorating an event, or provided to promote new products and services. In preparation, gifts must be purchased or pledged, stored until the event, wrapped accordingly, labeled

for distribution, and secured in a place to be drawn from during the event, safe from loss, damage or vandalism.

Trophies, plaques, commemorative mugs, T-shirts, caps, printed totes and pens are among the most common gifts given to event attendees. Table centerpieces and floral arrangements might also be included in the list of gifts. For events that revolve around a particular company, jackets, tropical trips, tickets to amusement parks or gift certificates to popular stores might be in order. For companies introducing a new product line, samples might likewise be attractively packaged and distributed that guests may have a personal opportunity to try out the newly introduced products.

Certain events, particularly those relying on ticket sales, may offer extravagant vacations, boats, automobiles or even homes as an integral part of the promotional campaign used to entice individuals to purchase an event ticket. In this vein are also found the back-stage pass and invitations to celebrity band after-parties.

Tickets to an event may also be treated as gifts themselves; a popular promotional method employed by radio and television stations, local newspapers and related businesses to stir up excitement for an event. Opportunities to receive salon services and makeovers, special sessions with golf pros or even driving a race car are but a few of the exciting ways gifts can play a part in event promotion.