Invitations are essential parts of many events. For small, personal or closed events, where only a specific number of people are invited to attend, invitations are a must. Invitations are typically chosen through a printing service, require postage for mailing, and require willing staff to stuff and address the envelopes. With today’s casual attitudes and instantaneous Internet connectivity, such a formal request as an invitation automatically sets an event above the ordinary. A sense of exclusivity is commonly attached to the receipt of a written invitation, making it a powerful tool for gathering top-notch executives, powerful financiers, or noted academicians to industry events, political gatherings, new product releases or high-profile think-tank gatherings.

Invitations fall within the realm

of the commercial printer. Selection of quality papers, distinctive fonts, properly sized envelopes and RSVP cards for return remittance compromise the classic invitation. Just as importantly, the tone of the invitation, the words used to express the invitation, and the times and location of the event must be obtained before the invitations are ordered, that printing and processing may be completed in a timely fashion.

Invitations are commonly distributed at least 3 weeks prior to an event, and if more time is necessary, determined by the size and scope of the event, they may be sent to recipients even earlier. Printing likewise takes time, and if it is part of the promotional process for the event, the invitations become one of the earliest details to attend to, once the venue and timeline of the event are established.

For political, religious and business-related gatherings, the invitation may be included in a mailing with a newsletter or other information, such as brochures, or include prompts to encourage a remission of monies for reserving lodging, transportation, or banquet attendance. There may also be options presented for participating in special events related to, but not part of, the main event, such as the dedication of monuments, buildings, or the opening of new businesses.

Invitations express a profound intimacy as it relates to the event and the guests involved. Invitations not only convey a sense of special regard for the invited, but they also impart a sense of dignity and charm to the event. Invitations likewise suggest opulence befitting important, formal, and celebratory affairs.