Lighting is an essential element for establishing the mood of an event, as well as providing illumination for displays and highlighting decorations. There also exists the need for lighting controls such as dimmers, to impart a mood for intimate evening affairs such as dances or speaker presentations.

Spotlights may be a necessary part of an event spectacular, bringing attention to a speaker, a product demonstration, or a stage performance. Guests should be able to move about with comfort, able to see the people and furniture in the spaces in which they are enjoying event participation.

Classic lighting for formal and informal banquets is found in the warming glow of

candlelight, sprinkled across the gleaming tableware and muted shadows of a well-dressed banquet room. Practical lighting should optimally illuminate hallways and other traffic areas of guest ingress and egress. Parking areas need to be well-lit, as a deterrent to pedestrian accidents and opportunistic criminals. Lighting in kitchen areas should be brightly-lit, to facilitating delivery of attractive dishes and for the performance of meal preparations.

Bar counters work best when backlit and illuminated from a light source emanating from under the serving counter. Meeting rooms and lecture areas require a bright enough light to facilitate note taking and reading presentation materials. Twinkle lights are an invaluable aid for demarking the perimeter of stage edges amid the glare of spotlights in darkened rooms for fashion shows or other events where a misstep could result in a nasty fall. They also lend an air of starlight when draped as a canopy suspended amid the soaring spaces of a cavernous dance floor.

Can lights may be incorporated above booth displays, aimed at will to spotlight vendor offerings. As a means of attracting attention to specific areas of very large rooms, well-placed lights can essentially carve up the space into the appearance of multiple, smaller areas. Lighting serves to facilitate the attractive appearance of formally dressed women and tuxedo-clad men, who otherwise might appear garish beneath conspicuous fluorescent lighting. Lighting provides safety, encourages relaxation, flatters skin tones and draws attention to achievement. The proper selection and placement of lighting is perhaps the most important decorating element of all.