Lodging of guests for events that last for two or more days. When an event requires guests to travel some distance to another location, they may require lodging in hotels close to the event, with easy access to supporting eateries or public transportation.

Hotels are typically receptive to booking event groups by offering room discounts, particularly when such an event promises to fill a large number of vacant rooms. Larger hotels commonly offer adequate amenities to service the event itself, and may likewise offer excellent discounts on meeting spaces when attending guests reserve rooms in certain capacities.

The provision of lodging for guest speakers is generally included in their

speaking contract, or reimbursed as part of their fee. Special invited guests, or guests of honor are less likely to forego an event if lodging is already paid for them, or they at least have the assurance of a room already reserved in their name. Event sponsors may likewise require lodging during an event for convenient access to pre-event meetings, dinners with celebrities, engaging with speakers or entertaining special guests. Lodging may also be necessary for key event personnel, allowing them to be handily available for meeting the call of event set-up, dealing with momentary confusions and attending last-minute details of event direction.

Reserved lodging typically requires a minimal standard of rooms to realize discounts in room rates. Reserved lodging also requires record of a responsible individual or company credit card information specifically to honor subsequent invoicing of unfilled or unpaid rooms. By requiring response to invitations or the purchase of tickets for guests attending the event, this helps to offset the risks of reserving a large number of rooms, which may or may not be used. For financial protection, however, most hotels offer a 24-hour respite for canceling reservations, that event sponsors are not held responsible to paying for rooms that not used. This likewise opens rooms for the hotel to offer to non-event travelers at higher standard rates.