Parking to accommodate guests at an event is an essential part of event preparation. Not only does adequate parking serve to avoid making unhappy guests, it increases event attendance by guests who might otherwise stay away if they must walk a long distance. Inadequate parking can force guests into being exposed to adverse weather, or concerned over issues of safety, particularly when attending those events held during evening hours.

Consider the parking necessary to accommodate guests who will commute to the event as opposed to those that may be lodging in the vicinity. Venue selection will bear heavily on the amount of parking available to accommodate a large

number of attendees, bearing in mind if the anticipated arrival of guests will occur all at one time, or as a constant ingress and egress of cars and people.

If the selected venue does not offer adequate parking to accommodate the anticipated number of guests, consider offering transportation from remote parking facilities to the event, to alleviate congestion. Additionally, instructing vendors, delivery trucks, and other event personnel to park in other designated areas will contribute to more free spaces for guest parking. Also to be considered is the option of valet parking, which can avail more space within a parking area because of the ability of valet drivers to park vehicles in such a way as to more efficiently use the available parking area.

The employment of personnel to direct parking may become a necessity, particularly when parking in open fields or lawn areas as commonly occurs with outdoor events. Not only does this serve to fill parking areas more expediently, it prevents the spread of cars into areas that might be damaged by motor vehicles, or that may become mired or stuck in low-lying areas prone to filling with rainwater.

Security is likewise needed for parking areas during evening hours, when guests are returning to their vehicles to drive home after leaving the event. More than one unfortunate individual has been molested, hurt or robbed in the dark voids of a parking garage or area, targeted mainly because of the obvious lack of security.