Event Photos

Photos taken during an event become an aid to sharing the event experience through house organs, the printed media, or on a website. Event guests often desire the opportunity to obtain photographs of an event as keepsakes, or to display in their own organizational and business communications.

Photographs provide a record of past events for use in future event promotion, and become an archive of attending guests, speakers, or special moments. Photographers may be contracted to capture the event in its entirety, or retained to only cover a specific portion of it.

Photographers are responsible for providing their own equipment for shooting the event, replete with cameras, lenses, filters,

necessary lighting and film. Pricing is generally in accordance to a specific number of shots, or by a package offering a diversity of finished photo sizes. Photographers may also offer photos developed by specialty darkroom techniques, such as newspaper-friendly half tones, collages of important guests or products, as well as color-filtered or superimposed photographs. If the occasion calls for it, the photographer may be contracted for shooting portraits of attending guests, requiring backdrops or special lighting. The role of the photographer at special events has grown to also include the services of videographers, who by the wonders of technology, can pull from video footage a number of still shots to be converted for print.

The photographer may also be versed in photograph retouching, capable of air-brushing unwanted backgrounds from event shots for use in printed media, as well as correcting color, red eyes, or the occasional unflattering photo capture. For large events, the services of a number of photographers may be necessary to cover the myriad goings-on at the event. The services of a reputable photographer can make or break the successful after-promotion of the event — because no one wants to see photographs that are blurry, poorly-lit or that amputate the heads from key speakers or honored attendees.