Promotion is a necessity for any event as the means of informing interested people that an event will take place. Promotion requires a focused application of organization, branding and outreach, and is dependent upon defining an interested demography. Proper promotion also relies on correct information about the event and the event sponsors.

Since promotion is the domain of the marketing expert, the event must provide a distinct benefit that makes people want to attend, that marketing efforts may promise, with reasonable surety, a large enough audience to make the event a success.

Promotion can not be overlooked when planning an event that appeals to a diverse audience gathering together

for a common interest. Attracting attention prior to the event is invaluable for bolstering ticket sales, increasing interest in a cause, or highlighting accomplishments. Promotion requires the use of advertising for stimulating the interest of the target demographic, by arranging appearances for event spokespersons on talk shows and radio programs, or by circulating information at related industry events or through other media.

Promotion also takes the Internet stage, providing web sites, or links to web sites relating to the event, industry or cause. Attention is paid to writing press releases, optimizing search engine content, and spreading the word through social media. Promotional tasks might also include writing blogs or conducting email programs to pave the way for subsequent information-gathering by prospective guests. Not to be overlooked are the writing talents needed for developing direct-mail materials and invitations, as well as printing resources for the production of posters, fliers or brochures. In some instances, retaining event promotion personnel to distribute promotional materials at festivals or to man booths at other events offer keys to opening additional doors of interest in an upcoming event.

Good promotion imparts a sense of anticipation about an event. Often, to accomplish this, promotions revolve around a chosen theme that becomes the springboard for the entire event, affecting the choice of music, color, d├ęcor, food and even the dress of event participants. Effective promotion brings with it the energy of enticement, is the harbinger of excitement, and offers a promise of things to come.