Event Security

Security at an event is comprised of individuals who are responsible for overseeing the safety and well-being of guests who attend an event. Security likewise monitors the stream of support personnel responsible for setting up to ply their respective services, providing safe access to guests attending the event, and steering away disruptive or unwelcome troublemakers.

Security is an important consideration at events that center around visiting celebrities, political candidates and children, for these provide opportunity for argumentative, imbalanced or opportunistic individuals to play havoc with the overall good feelings cultivated by the event itself. Security is also a necessity for providing safe transport of monies gathered through ticket

sales, or for providing vendor registers with necessary cash.

Security personnel further help deter the opportunities found among crowds for pickpockets, scam artists, and thieves. Monitoring the event floor, or stationed at points of ingress and egress to verify guest registries, the security force also observes the incoming and outgoing of equipment, breaks up arguments, and calls in emergency personnel if the need ever presents itself.

Security personnel can be obtained from company ranks or membership rosters. They can also be found among willing volunteers, a security company, or off-duty and retired police officers. The extent of security’s responsibilities must be carefully defined so the event may progress with the least amount of disruption, the fewest unfortunate incidences with the greatest invisibility. While most guests will appreciate the presence of security at an event when entering a strange parking garage or finding themselves among people who’ve had a bit to drink, security serves its purposes best when it is not needed.

When planning an event, security needs to be adequate to provide observational coverage for the event floor as well as being adequate to handle crowd situations. Whether determining the number of security personnel in accordance to coverage of square feet, coverage by ratio of security personnel to guests, or manning specific stations such as ticket booths or parking garages, the basic requirements remain the same. Security should provide an assurance of safety for guests, event personnel and their equipment, as well as protection of displays, saleable products and event-goers’ personal sense of security.