Speakers are very important for some event types. The function of speakers at an event is to draw in guests who would like to take part in a live session with an expert on topics relating to the event itself. For the company event, the speaker may zero in on effective management, human relations, financial matters or future trends. For an educator event, topics may include the parent-teacher relationship, spurring creativity among students, or dealing with bullying.

Speakers’ bureaus provide a plethora of talent to make any event a memorable one by providing professional speakers versed in a wide variety of topics. Speakers for an event may likewise

be obtained from club membership rosters, from among company ranks, or from among politicians, entertainers, sports figures or other newsworthy individuals.

A speaker must have the confidence to address a large group, share memorable experiences, offer sage advice, or instruct in established or new technologies. Speakers must also be capable of fulfilling the requirements of speaking for a specified amount of time, having suitable material and presentation skills to keep an audience engaged.

The selection of a speaker or multiple speakers should be in alignment with the overall theme of the event, while meeting the expectations of the attending audience. The cost to engage a professional speaker relies typically on the fees they demand for their speaking performance. This might include lodging and airfare, if the speaker must arrive from a distance beyond comfortable driving range, or if time constraints are prohibitive.

Speakers performing at an event may provide instructional materials in conjunction with their field of expertise; including CDs, DVDs, books, software, and informational literature or signed photographs. If the speaker is a well-known entertainer or sports figure, the opportunity for guests to participate in special get-togethers, book signings, and autograph sessions are not uncommon. The appeal for guests to privately interact with celebrities through special parties, back-stage gatherings, or high-profile seating arrangements are the substance of promotional contests, often requiring payment of additional fees to the speaker for these extra demands.