Staffing for an event is as diverse as the event itself. Adequate staffing depends on the number of guests anticipated to attend the event, and are employed to handle the multiple tasks that under-gird a successful event.

Staffing encompasses individuals such as servers, coat checkers, drivers, special needs assistants, valet parking attendants, customer information agents, and ticket-takers.

Staffing may also attend to the details of directing the influx of guests, the positioning of booths and vendors, attending nurseries, assisting guest speakers, delivering supplies during the event, and containing litter.

Additional staff may be needed to set up tables, arrange chairs for seating, and on occasion, assist the decorating committee. Staff

may also be required to oversee the direction of other staffers, or to handle the monies generated through ticket sales. Typically, many of these positions can be accomplished by event volunteers, filled by existing company employees, or may be included as services provided by the caterer, equipment rental service or event venue.

The roles of staff are reliant upon the event itself, and the variety of services needed to provide a pleasant experience for event guests. While event sponsors may envision a successful event, rarely do they comprehend the number of bodies required to handle all the details. Defining all facets of the event, from the arrival of guests to the after-party cleanup, will help to assuage those problems caused by the lack of adequate personnel.

Many services contracted for the event, such as caterers, chair and table rentals, florists, ticketing agents, and the event venue or location itself commonly provides personnel to handle their respective services. These may be included within the scope of contracted services, or be offered at an additional cost. Savings can be realized with the designation of volunteers from company ranks, membership rosters, or interested individuals willing to perform these functions, provided direction is available to coordinate individuals to carry out assigned tasks. Often, it is to the benefit of event organizers to contract professionals offering such services, who likely provide adequate insurance and training to guarantee these functions are performed to event sponsors’ expectations.