Ticketing is very important for commercial events that aim to make profits. For events sure to attract an interested audience, tickets are the means for producing revenue to offset event costs, raise funds, or turn a profit. Ticketing, while seeming a simple concept, may require printing, promotion, reservation, knowledge of event seating, working with caterers, providing information regarding event schedules, lodging and event transportation details. Ticketing is a specialty function often intertwined with and reliant upon advertising and promotion, requiring the knowledge, experience and resources of a ticket master. The ticket master’s function is to attract attention to the event, handle the monetary details of ticket sales,

and provide accurate reporting of ticket sales to event organizers.

Ticketing is important to any event where the number of persons attending determines the influx of revenue for the event. For events offering a banquet as the central focus of event activities, ticketing ascertains the number of guests anticipated to attend, as it also supplies needed money to offset the costs of food service and catering. Ticketing is likewise a marketing venue; and for the purpose of attracting interested parties to purchase tickets to an event, prospective guests must be made aware the event will take place. Ticket masters are geared toward the promotional advertising that garners attention for an event, and are perfectly positioned to suggest additional promotional aids to bolster lagging ticket sales.

The ticket master has, at his disposal, the means for distributing information regarding the reservation of hotel rooms, suggesting transportation routes to and from the event, and even providing ticket sales at the event. The ticket master also has the means to bolster ticket sales through related organizations, business publications, blogs, word of mouth, print or media advertising and other promotional events. The ticket master may also funnel ticket sales through a network of ticket masters throughout the nation, capable of stimulating interest from a far-reaching audience otherwise untapped by local ticketing resources.