Transportation to and from an event is within each guests’ responsibilities, but there are instances where providing transportation is a necessity. When individuals must arrive at a specific time for particular ceremonies, provided transportation reduces the possibilities of a late arrival, or worse, a no-show. Transportation also might be necessary to bring in a guest speaker to an event destination that lies beyond the speaker’s comfortable driving range. Transportation is likewise a must for covering very large events by key event organizers or security personnel. The lowly golf cart has found popularity for this purpose beyond the rolling hills of the golf course, adapting easily to indoor


Transportation arrangements also prove necessary for the delivery of products for displays, and materials for the construction of special areas. Any event detail requiring the arrival of goods, materials or people to the event, that is necessary to the event, must be weighed and considered. Transportation of guests arriving at a transportation hub, such as an airport or train terminal, require transportation to their hotel rooms, or the event venue itself. Often, transportation is provided by hotel venues in which the guests will be staying as a service to hotel guests. If transportation is not a provided service, the assurances of public transportation, availability of taxis or proximity to rental car depots must be investigated.

Allotment of funds to cover transportation costs can be tricky to pin down. If rental vehicles are provided as a means of transporting key personnel to and from the event venue, the costs of fuel must also be included in the equation. Further, rental of items such as golf carts may require a fee for delivery of the carts, and trucks rented for the delivery of products and display materials must include the salaries of drivers retained to perform these functions.

Transportation costs can easily blossom without a definitive and structured plan. Taking the time to make a considerate approach to transportation needs in event planning is an absolute must. This requires anticipation of every detail, forecasting needs for transportation in order to arrive at a calculable and attainable event budget.