Ballrooms are spectacular and often historic event venues. Considering a gala, dance or concert? Consider the ballroom. Dating back to prominent eras of history, the ballroom offers a look back into the past of luxury and pleasure at its prime. Ballrooms have the capacity to hold enormous numbers of guests with a dance floor area perfect for the obvious as well as displays and presentations.

The warm character of many ballrooms are felt throughout the walls of the building in which it resides. Some ballrooms are within conference centers or hotels, while others are remodeled and repurposed old facades with genuine impeccable character. There is a vintage charm original

to each ballroom of this nature.

High ceilings and elegance are only two traits awarded to ballrooms. Created with understated class, the ballroom is an enchanting arena combining an updated twist from historical times with contemporary technological amenities.

Wedding receptions fare well in this setting, but romantic endeavors are not the only option for this venue. Kick-off bashes, welcoming parties, appreciation dinners and dances as well as business social hours are in full swing across ballrooms nationwide.

On-site and valet parking are generally standard along with optional on-site or outside catering services. Ballrooms can be set-up to focus on entertainment, mingling, dancing, dining or a wide variety of combinations somewhere in between. Ballrooms within hotels make overnight stays more convenient for out-of-town guests. The facility is generally equipped with all necessary staff to take charge of any grand ballroom event.

Dance or theatre groups may use the space for performances or competitions. There is adequate space for stage and audience seating available simultaneously. Auctions, fundraisers and concerts are great ideas for ballroom venue events. Seminars are fully function in the ballroom venue with the option of additional break out spaces if needed.

Prestige and exquisite style can be found surrounding the walls of a ballroom from the d├ęcor to the guest list. The possibilities for this style of gathering are as endless as the stars in the sky.