Gardens are event venues that are often used for private events, but these event locations are also perfect to host certain business events. A romantic event, family affair or corporate activity can easily be configured on the grounds of a garden. Gardens are wonderful, whimsical backdrops to many spectacular events on small or large scales.

Inclement weather is always a possibility with gardens, but most offer a haven from the rain with on-site indoor spaces as a great back-up plan. Getting in touch with nature has always been a tried and true measure for connecting and de-stressing- what better way to discuss an important product/decision, celebrate a special

moment or honor those making a difference?

In the fairer months of the year, a cozy bridal or baby shower would be well spent at a garden. The fairy-tale atmosphere could make any girl feel like a princess or treasured storybook character, while the peaceful tranquility of flowers and plants may leave any expectant mother recharged and optimistic about delivery day.

Businesses might enjoy a change-of-pace in the setting offered by a garden. Meeting rooms are sometimes available inside the main building of the garden, with outdoor spaces set-up for scheduled events. A product launch might be well received at a garden with guests leaving with ‘product seeds’ to plant out in the world.

Birthday parties, luncheons and reunions are other great events well suited for the garden venue. Sprawling many acres, some gardens offer multiple spaces to facilitate larger functions as well.

Within a city, it is sometimes reassuring to attend an event at a garden to remind oneself of life beyond the concrete jungle. Gardens take the cares of city life and momentarily set them aside to revisit the true beauty of this world.

Tea parties, buffets and picnic-style menus are featured dining cuisine at many gardens. These formats lend themselves quite nicely to the atmosphere encompassing the entire grounds at a garden.