Mansions and villas are perfect venues to organize exclusive events in a breathtaking atmosphere. Looking for the magical setting for that spectacular grand event? Look no further than the venue of renting a mansion. Mansions can be rented in their entirety as well as by levels or rooms. The parlor and library rooms house a comfortable ambience with a secret getaway from the hustle and bustle of the dance floor in the ballroom. Perhaps the entire space of the first floor will fit the needs of the event which generally include the kitchen, backyard, garden area, ballroom, and other additional rooms all decorated with antiques to catch

the flavor of the era of the mansion in its prime.

The entire mansion can be rented opening its doors to guests as a luxury weekend home, per say. Some mansions contain a grand ballroom in their floor plans, which make incredible dance floors for wedding receptions, high school proms, college socials, business parties and family reunions. With dining adjacent in the next room, the convenience is similar to that of one’s own home with an added touch of majestic elegance.

Noting the architecture of the particular mansion adds a nice delicate touch of charm to leave guests captivated. Other noteworthy areas within the mansion include, but are not limited to, a pavilion, tea garden, orangery, garden, greenhouse, second floor with balcony and patio. Such a historic building greets each guest with warmth and connectivity to years past. The timelessness of a mansion full of antiques and décor that is always in taste captivates the intimate setting desired for weddings and receptions, as well as intimate business retreats, meetings and celebrations.

Hosting an intimate tea party for new clients in the tearoom of a mansion signifies grace, style, class and elegance- all pleasing characteristics. Enjoying a brunch in the late morning hours or cocktail as the evening draws near an end are both breathtaking ways to make use of a mansion’s greenhouse or orangery. A special gala for the utmost important clients headed up within the grand ballroom will make them feel as grand as the atmosphere experienced. A quiet, intimate book study group will feel at home in the neatly appointed mansion library overflowing with an abundance of books easily within reach.