Outdoor event venues are important for both private and corporate events. When not even inclement weather can put a damper on event planning, the outdoor venue makes its voice heard. With a variety of options, choosing an outdoor venue has never been easier or more enjoyable.

Outdoor venues offer so many features unmatched in celebrating indoors. First, the sense of feeling carefree with room to spare is exquisite in comparison to jamming 200 people into a 100 person capacity room. Outdoor venues offer breathing room and then some.

Many options are available for outdoor venues including zoos, botanical gardens, parks, conservatories, camps, retreats and lawns. The location can be

as simple or as sophisticated as desired. Several zoos even provide the use of LCD projectors, screens, sound, available AV technologists and wireless Internet connectivity. Perhaps a zoo is a great way to plan an informal day with colleagues followed by checking out the animals.

Some outdoor venues nudge people into possibly trying something new or something they never dreamed they would pursue. Horseback riding, rock climbing, canoeing, white water rafting and paint ball are just a few ideas for team-building events that might propel your business in the right direction.

Camps and retreats can offer scenic quarters for guests in mountain lodges, prairie ranches, and lake or ocean-side comforts. Cabins provide a fun-filled accommodation for family reunions or birthday parties. Close family and friends may reminisce on special memories while adding a few more to the collection.

When planning an outdoor event, it is vital to have a back-up plan, specifically a back-up location in mind. Some outdoor venues include a shelter away from the elements should inclement weather strike. Another important item for consideration in outdoor event planning is the use of technology and any extra equipment. Check to see if the site provides it or accommodates it. In most cases, outdoor venues will increase the amount of equipment brought to the site by the host/hostess of the event.