Restaurants are the best choice as venue for some events. With a numerous selection and cuisine to choose from, restaurants often find themselves a well-matched venue for many elite, exclusive and intimate events. Restaurants share something with their guests in their appreciation for great taste. Whether local fare or ethnic cuisine is your preference, there is most definitely a restaurant to whet your expectations and appetite.

Several restaurants feature meeting or gathering rooms for larger than usual party sizes. These rooms can be reserved in advance for planning the perfect event. Some restaurants even offer more than one room, allowing guests to be housed into separate dining quarters

close by without trimming down the final number on the guest list.

Banquets honoring high achievement in business, social or personal life are quite common as restaurant events. Award dinners for employees show true appreciation in this casual or formal after-hours atmosphere. Restaurants are frequented by individuals due to their nature of routinely presenting a comfortable familiarity to even formal affairs. This familiarity often promotes a friendliness and inviting climate allowing guests to look forward to attending such an event.

Business ventures wishing to mingle and leave an at-home feeling with clients may find this setting a superior fit. Depending upon the menu, the seating capacity at restaurants can range from 60 for a seated luncheon to 250 in a reception style gala. Networking events are well received at restaurants with the leisurely laid-back position offered by this event venue. Many public and private parties function well by commencing within a large adjacent room that does not lose any of the amenities included in fine dining.

Determining the time of the event will aid in planning which dishes, drinks and/or desserts are to be featured. Guests do not expect or demand to be fed a four-course meal, but should not feel famished upon departure. Brunches make a very inviting option for guests and often afford convenience for everyone involved. Brunches and lunches alike lend themselves to a more casual attitude whereas dinners and cocktail parties have a touch of frill or formality not associated with the morning or noon crowd. Dinners may project a more serious outlook than the cocktail party allowing clients to ease into a more comfortable business environment.