Universities provide more than an academic setting for students and professors, it bestows large meeting facilities throughout its campus. Gymnasiums, libraries, centers for the arts, amphitheaters, college greens, lecture halls and classrooms or departments provide convenient settings for special events.

Concerts can be held in the arts centers, college greens or gymnasiums to promote a singer, group or product as well as attract a specific crowd of clientele. Entertainment is easy to enjoy at a university since nearly every space available includes hook-ups and equipment needed for projecting, listening, viewing and/or participating in lively events.

Businesses and corporations may look to the university setting for appealing to a more

youthful or academic crowd. Universities include ample parking providing space for various forms of transportation from cars to buses. The atmosphere of the university may bring back memories of college days and be a great place to reunite or reconnect with classmates and friends. It may be a popular avenue for highlighting special achievements or goals attained by individuals, teams and businesses. Many areas within a university provide workspace sufficient for lectures, small-group discussions and/or activities and many business related formats. Computer labs are also available enhancing productivity.

Special planning concerns include consideration of time of year for the event. Most universities or colleges are only available during the summer months; however, some have minimal vacancies throughout the entire calendar year.

Getting the most 'bang for your buck' is possible with the university. Small budgets with big guest lists can generally meet in the middle when choosing the university as the event venue. Multi-day or weeklong events are convenient with the use of on-site housing or dormitories. The state-of-the-art technology and design of buildings and residence halls adds a nice detail to this academic background. Camps or retreats find themselves housed quite nicely in the university setting with all the necessary amenities at your fingertips.

Historical events may enjoy the progression put into action found within a university. Particular campuses may connect or emphasize aspects of a dedication, recognition or reception party.