Yachts are special event venues that are not fitting to any event. Growing in popularity, but often overlooked is the event venue of the yacht. Meeting the needs of a wide variety of event styles and purposes, the yacht speaks elegance and professionalism with a unique twist from more traditional event sites. Embarking on a yacht will leave guests with an experience they will not forget and cherish for years to come. If a dramatic impression or deep appreciation is the nature of the event, a yacht is a perfect choice.

Yachts accommodate a large number of guests, while being pleasurable for smaller, more intimate groups as well.

Some wonderful events for yachts include client appreciation/awards dinners, product launches/promotions, family or high school reunions, anniversaries, important business deals, bar/bat mitzvahs, graduations, bridal/baby showers, as well as engagement parties or weddings. Social and corporate activities alike, function well aboard the not-so-common event venue known as the yacht.

Most companies house several ships to meet the demands of a variety of seating/passenger capacities. A yacht can hold anywhere from 150-500 guests comfortably. Some consist of on-site catering and music/DJ or entertainment. However, outside vendors for such items are generally welcomed but must provide their own staff and supplies.

Weather is not typically a cause for concern when planning a yacht outing. In rare severe inclement weather conditions, the yacht will not sail and the event must be rescheduled; however, the ship sails rain or shine with covered areas making planning a little easier.

The backdrop of a beautiful skyline, day or night, exudes a special feeling upon every guest in attendance. Setting sail on a yacht can be the perfect way to say thank you, farewell or welcome to a special person or company. What better way to capture the attention of a new client or audience?

Onboard the yacht, businesses may delight in the diverse options offering brunch, lunch, dinner or cocktails to meet nearly every catering need. The added touch of a gentle breeze as you set sail skims the spirits of guests and is completed with a spectacular sunset or star-filled sky depending on the time frame selected for the event.